With the CEO being an optician, having over a decade in eCommerce experience, having a passion for designer eyewear, and wanting to make it easier for people to buy eyewear there was only one thing left to do. That was to create a online brand dedicated to providing shoppers with lavish/luxury eyewear.
That is what was exactly done and a short  story of how Lavish Specs was born.

Just like our name states Lavish Specs is here to provide you with the most lavish eyewear. We only offer high end brands and deal directly with manufactures so you can be at ease knowing your eyewear is 100% Authentic. Our goal is to exceed all our customers expectations so we offer only new products, free shipping within USA, 15 day returns, and great customer service. We know once you experience shopping at our store we will be the only eyewear store you will ever need!


Corporate Headquarters